Booking form – for courses at the workshop (Priory Lane)

Pippa’s Cookery Classes – Terms & Conditions

  • The cost for a set of five lessons is £45 per child, to be paid 10 days before the first lesson, by bank transfer (please state the child’s name with your payment). Invoices will be sent by email. If payment isn’t receive in full by that date, the child will not be able to start the lessons.
  • The cost of the lessons includes all the ingredients for the recipe, utensils and equipment to be used in class.
  • You can book as many Terms as you like. If your child would like to attend another set of five lessons (term) that you haven’t booked, unfortunately we can not guarantee that there will be a space available due to limited numbers. We recommend that you book the next courses at your earliest convenience.
  • There will be no refunds if your child can’t attend a lesson, as we have to buy the ingredients in advance for the total number of children booked. However, if parents let us know in advance that a child is not attending, Pippa’s Cookery Classes can try to allocate that space to a child that have missed a lesson elsewhere.
  • If your child cannot attend a session, for whatever reason, we would be grateful if you could let us know in advance. This is for the safety of your child so that we can account for any non-attendance.
  • When you complete the form below, you will be asked to complete yours and the child’s details, including any allergies. Pippa’s Cookery Classes will make sure that your child will have no contact with the allergen, however we can only oblige by what is on the form and we can’t take any responsibility for any food allergies, intolerances or food restrictions that are not specified on the registration form.
  • We will only use yours and your child’s details for the purpose of the cooking classes. We will never pass them to third parties without your consent. We might, occasionally, send you information about new cooking courses and workshops. You can opt out from these emails at any time.
  • Due to the nature of the club, Pippa’s Cookery Classes can’t accept any children that had suffer diarrhoea or vomiting in the last 48 hours. As children will be handling food, there is a legal requirement for this to happen. Please help us to ensure that all children are safe.
  • During the classes we will teach your child the importance of safety when dealing with food, utensils and appliances. Hot stoves, knives and electric equipment may cause injury, so it’s important to practice safe handling of all equipment. However, we are aware that minor accidents can happen, and we are prepared to deal with them. There will always be a First Aid Trained adult in the room, during the classes.
  • Children will take home the prepared food for them to be able to share and enjoy the food with you. For certain recipes, due to time constrains, it will not be possible to finish it during the session time. If this is the case, we will send the cooking instructions together with the recipe.
  • Food standard legislation determines that food needs to be kept at certain temperatures if not consumed, in order to be safe to eat. We will include these instructions on the recipe sheet, however we can’t take responsibility for the quality of the food if the instructions aren’t followed.
  • If your child has long hair, please make sure that it’s tied back to keep it away from the food.
  • An apron will be provided to be used in class. All the efforts will be done to avoid getting their own clothes dirty; however, we cannot guarantee that this is always possible.
  • If the behaviour of a child is deemed unacceptable, we reserve the right to exclude the child from future cooking lesson, with no refund due.
  • Occasionally, a session may be unable to run on a specific date(s) owing to unavailability of the teachers; we will give you as much notice of this as reasonably possible and reschedule for an alternative date.